St. Barnabas Couselling Centre, Derby St., Norwich NR2 4PU

St Barnabas Counselling Centre


Counselling: At St Barnabas every effort is made to ensure you feel welcomed. Your counsellor will give you space and time to talk. You will be listened to and accepted.  You will not be judged. It is our hope that you will begin to feel accompanied on this part of your life journey and less alone.  You will not be pressured to go to places you are not yet ready to go to. Your counsellor will try to provide a safe place in which you can begin to examine things in depth and find your way forward.

Sometimes things can be dealt with and left behind.  Sometimes it is a case of learning to live with something so that it doesn’t drag you down and stop you living freely.

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Our Counsellors: We have 27 counsellors, most are professionally qualified and experienced, some are trainees on a reputable training course. All are carefully selected.  They give 4 hours of their time voluntarily to work here (that’s how we keep our costs down). St Barnabas is their passion; they earn their living in the NHS, private practice, training or other professions.

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